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If you’ve accessed this website, you have just found the fastest and most reliable source of news in the Virginia Beach area. We have reporters and journalists working hard day and night to make sure that you are in the know. All you have to do is check back to this site and also our broadcast on the radio in order to be fully informed and current. We’ve got plenty of things to tell you, so lend us your ear!

With years of experience, we have become one of the top sources of information in our region. We cover everything from local news to weather and sports. Read on down below to learn a little bit about each of our departments!

Local News

This is one of our flagship departments hear at Breaking Virginia Beach News. We’ve got an eye on almost everything that happens in the area. If something major happens, we are often the first to hear about it. We’ve received several awards over the years for excellent journalism, reporting, and broadcasting. One thing that makes us very cutting edge with local news is that we have a dedicated social media team that puts out breaking news the moment it happens. We beat out all of our news competitors because of this team. In some ways, you could consider it our not so secret weapon!

Listeners and readers know that they can count on us for the very best in local news. Give us a shot and you’ll see that thousands of our subscribers aren’t wrong!


If you have lived in this area for any duration of time, you know that sometimes, the weather can turn from very calm nice to very intense. We have some of the region’s top meteorologists working around the clock to analyze weather patterns and keep up on possible storms coming up the coast to keep you safe. In the event of emergency or evacuation, we are the first to issue confirmed warnings. Plus, reliable weather reporting allows you to plan your week accordingly! We give weather updates online and on the radio every half an hour. This is more frequent than any other news team in the state! Make sure to count on us for all of your weather news and updates.


In this region, we love our sports. We’ve got some absolutely excellent high school teams that are some of the most highly competitive in the state! We’ve got reporters at all of the games and matches to keep you updated on the scores and results. Additionally, we keep track of professional sports teams that are near to us on the coast.

In addition to scores and games, you can be sure to get the latest on scouting reports and trade rumors from our special analysts who work in our sports department. They’ve got their ear to the ground so that you can be the first to know if anything comes up with your favorite team. Count on us for all of your sports news!