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Our history actually goes back a long way. Long before there were news anchors on television, we existed as a newspaper company. For a long time, we had journalists who kept their ear to the ground for the most groundbreaking news that happened in the Virginia Beach area. We did our best to make sure that anything that might have happened today would make it into the headlines tomorrow. As technology began to progress, we decided to make the jump and go live on television. At the time, we were really the only ones in our area who were providing headline news.

Now, there are plenty of news syndicates in the area, but we remain as one of the best. We’ve tried to continue our reputation for looking forward by getting ahold of the social media outlets to disseminate the news. This has been effective as many people are now relying on their Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines to figure out what’s going on in Virginia Beach and the rest of the world.